Gulluoglu Kadaif Pistacho, tiras de Masa de Hojaldre (Tel Kadayıf) - 2 XL piezas (500 gr-1.1 lb) (1 Paquete)

Etiquetas: CHIP, el sexo de la vibración del vibrador para el pene, revisión, xl250, grs herramientas g8, bonsai árbol de la fruta, mitsubishi space star, nuez de anacardo, la lujuria, crema para aumentar el tamaño del pene.

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  • Tipo de: Postre Herramientas
  • Certificación: La FDA
  • Nombre De La Marca: Baklavaci Gulluoglu
  • Postre De Instrumentos De Tipo: La Cocción De Las Antorchas
  • Origen: TR(Origen)

You can order today and freshly baked kadaif will be on your table in 1 business day in EU (Germany - France - Netherlands etc) and U.K.and in 2 business days in the USA.To preserve maximum freshness all our products are delivered in a special vacuumed package.

Our vision is to develop new unique delicacies and tastes in all of our products,as well as, procuring traditional Turkish pastries, since 1871. Güllüoğlu uses 100% natural ingredients and develops confections with professional team of award-winning masterchefs.Our flagship factory is in Istanbul, Turkey with the most technologically, advanced equipment, and is under the supervision of food engineers, who produce 9.000 lbs of handmade baklava per day.

Pistachio is a local taste that plays a leading role in many desserts with its unique flavor.

The pistachio in the pistachio kadaif is selected from first class crops.The natural oil, egg and flour contained in the dessert are also used as the best organic products.A good selection of ingredients and the touches of traditional baklava and kadaif mastery provide desserts that will not satisfy you.

Kadaif is a food obtained by mixing the flour and water into thin strands of dough.Most Balkans, Turkey and Middle Eastern countries consumed as a dessert.The word kadayif is the plural of the Arabic word "velvet".

The shredded wheat is usually bought in a soft to half cooked consistency.Items such as peanuts or walnuts are placed between the layers and then fried in the oven.It is served by pouring a sugar syrup over it.Another dessert made from kadaif is kanafeh.

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very tasty,fast delivery

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